What is Parma Violets Cheese?

Yes, you heard it right, here at Swizzels we have launched the first ever Parma Violets Cheese. To celebrate the brands 70th anniversary our imaginative inventors came up with the unique purple coloured cheese using the classic Parma Violets sweets. The delicious pale purple cheese combines the tangy bite of Cheshire Cheese with the delicate sweet taste of Parma Violets making it a winning formula. The exclusive product is totally unique in both flavour and look – it’s not often you see purple cheese!

Who came up with this crazy idea?

Well, we can’t take all the credit. We’ve collaborated with another national treasure on this one; The Cheshire Cheese Company. For the past few months, we’ve been working together to perfect the unique and delicious taste of Parma Violets Cheese!

Can I buy it?

Yes, you can buy it right here, but we’re expecting it to sell out fast so brie quick! (Sorry, we couldn’t help it) Buy Here

Say Cheese!

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